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General Transportation Terms

1. The traveller has to observe the General Transportation Terms, which form part of the transport contract, terms that can be found at the agencies’ offices and that can be obtained free of charge when buying the travel ticket.
2. Booking a seat or buying the ticket confirms that the owner has read and understood the General Transportation Terms.
3. When booking a seat, the traveller must indicate:
   - name and given name
   - telephone number or address where he or she can be contacted
   - departure day (perhaps the return day)
   - departure place and destination (if he or she wishes to return from other town than the destination town, in order to inform him or her if such thing may be possible). The seat for which the booking has been confirmed needs to be paid by the travellers until the departure hour, at the bus or before at the selling agency, during its working hours.
4. The traveller is bind to come to the bus at least 30 minutes before the departure; even in case of fixed date return tickets.
5. The seats are being given in order of request and within the available number.
6. The traveller is accepted for the transport only if he or she presents a travelling ticket, for which he or she has paid the price.
7. The lost or deteriorated tickets, without the copy that demonstrates the right of making the trip, with incomplete and wrong data or expired tickets are not available, and the owner shall be excluded from this transport. In case the trip is requested, he or she must pay the price. The travelling ticket is nominal, cannot be transmitted and needs to be presented to the working personnel of the company.
8. The travel ticket is valid 6 months from its date of issue.
9. The price of the ticket is calculated according to the legal tariffs on the date of issue and can be paid, accordingly, in the currency of the country of destination or in lei, at the currency rate announced by the service provider on the payment day.
11. Children up to 2 years old benefit from free transportation (without seat or entitlement for luggage), and those between 2 and 12 benefit from 50% discount and are entitled to one piece of luggage. The applicant must prove the age by presenting a copy of the passport that shall be kept by the agency that sells the tickets. Pensioners and pupils and students up to 26 years old benefit from a 15% discount on the grounds of the pension receipt or of the pupil’s / student grades book, certified to date, whose copies shall be preserved by the agency that sells the ticket.
12. The price includes 2 suitcases (up to 70 kg). The additional luggage and the high volume ones are accepted provided that there is space enough and after paying and additional fee. It is strictly forbidden to transport animals, objects that can harm passengers, flammable materials or explosives, wastes, bad odour materials and poisons, weapons and sharp objects, dopes and drugs, as well as any smuggled merchandise, or any other merchandise that is forbidden by the custom authorities of each destination or transit state.
If the luggage of one or more passengers contains objects for which the custom procedures take more than an hour, the luggage shall be taken off the bus along with their owners and the bus and its other passengers shall continue the trip, according to the schedule.
13. The company shall not be held responsible for any losses, deteriorations, replacements or for things forgotten in the bus.
14. All damages provoked by the passengers to the bus shall be feed.
15. The passenger is bind to observe the laws of the countries he or she transits, in respect of passports, custom, fiscal or administrative regulations regarding persons or luggage. The travel agency shall not be held responsible for any consequences should the passenger not obey these stipulations. Should the transport be interrupted and the passenger be to blame for it, the ticket loses its validity and the money shall not be returned.
16. The travel agency shall not be held responsible for the trip’s interruption or for any delays due to the meteorological conditions, road traffic, or the waiting times at the custom points. If the delays are due to a passenger’s fault, and this does not fulfil the custom, fiscal or administrative regulations, the passenger shall not be accepted on the bus any longer (the transport contract shall be cancelled) and the bus shall continue its trip. Also, the ticket’s price shall not be paid back, because the traveller could not continue the trip and he or she is to blame for it.
17. In well-motivated situations the ticket’s price shall be returned to the ticket’s owner, under the following conditions: he or she informs the agency about cancelling the trip 3 days before the departure day; in this case a 20% of the ticket’s value shall be withhold representing the trip that has been cancelled; if the cancelling takes place in less than 3 days there shall be withhold only 50% from the ticket’s value. If the cancelling is not communicated in less than 24 hours before the departure, the ticket’s value shall not be paid back, the ticket loses its validity for the trip; if the traveller had bought a return ticket but the trip has not been made, the trip’s value shall be calculated by subtracting form the total amount the price for the one way trip and 30% from the resulting amount shall be withhold.
18. Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly forbidden on the bus.
19. Any claims of the passengers regarding the trip shall be submitted directly to the travel agency’s office by registered mail, in 5 (five) days (postal date) from the taking the trip. The claims submitted after this term shall not be considered. The travel agency shall make its answer to the claimant, in 30 days from receiving the claim.
20. In case of any misunderstandings, the traveller cannot call for unknowing the clauses of the transport contract (General Transportation Terms).
21. The agency that sells the ticket is bind to post the General Transportation Terms in a place where they can be easily seen, and on request, it shall provide details to the travellers or shall issue a copy of it.

The present General Transportation Terms shall be enforced starting from September 1, 2003.


The information are valid since the last actualization: 16.09.2009, 09:40